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Property Acquisition in Switzerland

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Hartmann Singleton 

Company Profile / Services 

Our clients’ needs and expectations are priority of everything we do. Nowadays everyone is so busy, it is not just enough to present a luxury property to a customer, for Beat Hartmann it is important to offer the very best possible one-to-one service to understand and implement the wishes of the client by giving them time. 

Our focus is on competence, quality, service and efficiency. We are working continuously to serve our clients with an impressive network of partners and associates including: architects, developers, private sellers, lawyers, banks, notaries and other real estate agencies in Switzerland, in order to offer you the a vast selection of new and resale properties from a charming ski chalet to a luxury apartments or exclusive villas on one of the many lakes in Switzerland. If you are looking to sell your property in Switzerland, we will take care of this is with pleasure. 


Beat Hartmann one of the company founders is deeply convinced in realising his philosophy and never giving up, he reaches out to his clients and making even the most extraordinary dreams come true. The native Swiss has worked in the finance sector before and lived for more than 30 years in Switzerland and made the UK his home 25 years ago. 

We believe this unique combination of experience in finance, property developing and languages gives us the ability to communicate with both countries in their own language and therefore enables us to provide you with a tailor made and discreet service to acquire real estate in Switzerland since 2005. 

Acquisition of Property in Switzerland  

These guidelines provide an overview of current Swiss Federal Law and Ordinance, as well as the complementary cantonal and communal provisions that restrict the acquisition of Real Estate in Switzerland by persons abroad. The guidelines are provided merely for information purposes and are not legally binding. 

The sale of real estate to non-Swiss citizens is subject to several laws. Each canton has a yearly quota of properties authorised for sale to non-Swiss. This system came into effect on the 1st January 1985 and its goal is to control the purchase of properties in Switzerland by non Swiss citizens. An authorisation to purchase must be obtained from the Cantonal Authorities and from the Federal Department of Justice and Police, through a Notary (in Switzerland they are Public Officers). 

As a general rule, non Swiss may only buy one property per family and the net floor space and the surface area of the real estate must not exceed 200m2 and 1000m2 respectively. In accordance with consistent practice, larger areas are authorised automatically on proof of additional need up to 250m2 and to 1500m2 respectively. 

Hartmann Singleton is experienced in the process of obtaining permits to buy properties in Switzerland for a Foreign National and is on hand throughout the process to provide support until the property is legally yours. 

The Swiss Federal Government held a referendum on March 11, 2012 and a new law passed relates to Second-Homes in Switzerland.

The new law is effective since March 11 January 2012 and relates specifically to the NEW CONSTRUCTION of second-homes – but not the redevelopment of existing buildings. It imposes a 20% cap on all second-homes, applies to all owner types (Swiss, Residency Permit holders and exempted foreigners) and will not be retrospective to existing projects/properties. For most resorts the possibility of building 'new second-homes' is therefore effectively zero until the ratio has fallen to 20%.

The Swiss electorate has decided on November 30, 2014 to keep lump-sum taxation with a majority voting against its abolition. A victory for our country and a very clear message from our compatriots to foreign nationals looking to move to Switzerland: they are and always will be welcome here!

The result of this vote means that Switzerland continues its long tradition of hospitality by upholding a virtuous fiscal model that was successfully established more than 150 years ago. It also reaffirms its attractiveness and willingness to remain an open and welcoming country.

Why Switzerland

​It is a myth that only rich and famous can afford to buy property in Switzerland. There are quite a lot of celebrities living and owning holiday homes there, but there is no reason for you not to own your dream holiday home in Switzerland. The Mediterranean climate in the summer, gives you the opportunity for windsurfing, sailing and swimming in the dark blue and clean lakes. You can play golf in the most scenic surroundings, walk or mountain bike with snow covered mountaintops inspiring you. 

If you like the winter, skiing, snowboarding, cross country, sledging or even polo on snow Switzerland offers it all and the friendly and motivated staff make it more than just an alternative. 


Switzerland offers much more than this;  living standards in Switzerland are among the best in the world. Selected highlights include quality of life, healthcare, political stability, security, financial environment, high standards private international schools and higher education, variety of spoken languages and strict privacy laws, not to mention the geographic location in the heart of Europe, and proximity to international airports, beautiful lakes and some of the Alps' largest ski resorts.

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